Teeth-Friendly Foods to Eat On Game Day

FootballThanksgiving Day is for family and loved ones to spend time together around the dinner table. Or in front of a large flatscreen to watch the annual Thanksgiving Day football game. Game Day generally means all the junk food hits the table, and for the hardcore football fans, every Sunday is game day. You don’t have to sacrifice the health of your teeth for a fun-filled day. Duffield Dentistry has some recommendations for teeth-friendly foods to eat on The Game Day as well as all of the other game days this season.

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Raw VegetablesCarrots and Celery

The additional chewing needed to crunch on raw uncooked vegetables such as carrots or celery helps our mouth produce more bacteria fighting saliva. Pair the carrots with ranch and the celery with peanut butter to give it a gameday flavor.


Go ahead and load up that cheese plate! Recent research shows that cheese can actually help protect your pearly whites. Just make sure the plate comes out sans the crackers.

Lean Meats

Scrap the crackers on your cheese plate and go ahead and add on some lean meats. Not only will your friends appreciate the step up from the usually deli meats but you’ll be doing them a solid by helping provide tooth protection.

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Rich in calcium, yogurt can help with the remineralization of teeth. Try adding avocado, another superfood, to create a creamy vegetable dip and serve it with your vegetable plate.Apples

Go Sugar-Free

Xylitol is a prominent ingredient and sweetener in most sugar free candies. It just so happens that xylitol also helps to prevent cavities. So before you put out that candy dish on game day, make sure you fill it up with sugar-free sweets


We all know the saying about an apple a day, but did you know that apples can also scrub away plaque and help to freshen your breath? Score more with apples on gameday.

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