Enjoy A Long-Term Replacement For Missing Teeth

Being able to smile should never be a luxury. But if you’re missing teeth, you’re probably missing out on opportunities to flash a genuine grin. Get a new, natural-looking smile with dental implants from Duffield Dentistry. Our Royal Oak, MI dentists can place and restore your implants all in our office, giving you a gorgeous new grin you’ll want to show everyone.

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Implants are a great solution for a variety of reasons:

  • You can enjoy a new smile that behaves and looks like your own natural teeth.
  • You can sometimes keep your implants your entire life if you care for them properly.
  • You can eat crunchy food again, like apples, due to restored bite force.
  • You can have a stronger jawbone because implants are able to replace lost bone mass.
  • You can expect great results given the amazing success rate of dental implants: over 98 percent!

Dr. Lawrence Duffield is an established practitioner of implant dentistry. He has spent more than 20 years providing dental implant services to his patients. During this time, he has successfully shaped countless smiles. He can even do an immediate placement after extractions, if necessary. Call us today at (248) 721-4502 to see how he can shape yours, too.

Get Implants Placed And Restored At Duffield Dentistry

Dentures are not the only choice when it comes to replacing missing teeth. A dental implant replaces a missing or damaged tooth with an artificial root system and prosthetic teeth. With dental implants, you’ll gain the look and function of real teeth. And because of Dr. Duffield’s extensive training and experience with dental implants, you can have them placed and restored right in our office.

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This isn’t an option with every dentist; many will refer you to an oral surgeon for implant placement, then create a crown, bridge, or denture once the implant has healed. But Duffield Dentistry wants you to have the safety of consistent care. You can be sure that every detail is accounted for when you see us for every stage of your dental implant procedure, even if you have a full-mouth reconstruction.

Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Stop You From Getting Your Dream Smile

Although we make sure the dental implant process is completely pain-free, we understand that some patients are just nervous about being in a Royal Oak, MI dentist office! So we go out of our way to make sure patients feel comfortable and calm. You can bring in headphones or borrow ours so that you can listen to soothing music while we get to work.

Additionally, our calming demeanor and soothing actions will help relieve the anxious feelings you have in the office. We also offer sedation options.

Don’t wait a minute longer for your new smile. Call Duffield Dentistry today at (248) 721-4502.

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