Get Your Smile Back With Dentures From Duffield Dentistry

Losing your teeth is hard. But getting them back doesn’t have to be. A new set of dentures from a qualified Royal Oak, MI dentist can make you feel like you have a new lease on life. And when you choose the experts at Duffield Dentistry, you know that you’re getting exceptional care tailored just to your needs.

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There are numerous reasons to replace your missing teeth:

  • To regain your ability to smile with confidence.
  • To broaden the type of food you’re able to eat.
  • To get back your self-confidence.

Dentures allow you to fill the gaps in your smile by replacing them with a new set of teeth. Learn more about denture options at Duffield Dentistry by giving us a call at (248) 721-4502.

Restore Your Smile With A Tried-And-True Solution

Humankind has had a long time to perfect the art of teeth replacement. As long as we’ve had teeth, they’ve fallen out and we’ve tried to replicate them. And Dr. Duffield has had more than three decades to perfect his own skills at creating custom dentures that look and feel like natural teeth.

Unlike what you may have seen in movies and on television, dentures are not comically oversized and prone to fall out. The right set of dentures from the right dentist will fit your mouth perfectly and stay there. At Duffield Dentistry, you can choose the right dentures to fit your smile based on your needs and goals:

  • Complete dentures replace the teeth in an entire arch or in your entire mouth.
  • Partial dentures replace a select part of your smile. They are useful when you have a few missing teeth, but the rest of your dental structure is intact.
  • Conventional dentures are made after your teeth are removed or when they are already missing. They can be full or partial and may take several weeks to get ready.
  • Immediate dentures are ready for immediate placement after an extraction. That is because they are created before your teeth are removed. They work best as a temporary option while your final dentures are being prepared.
  • Implant-supported dentures are a long-term solution that offers stability and a stronger bite force than traditional dentures.

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