Everything You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening Services

White teeth Feel like your teeth could use some brightening up? Look no further than Royal Oak Dentist, Dr. Larry Duffield of Duffield Dentistry, a general and cosmetic dentist’s office with a special interest in providing all family members their dentistry needs. Dr. Duffield encourages his patients to have all of their dental needs taken care of in one convenient location – and that includes professional teeth whitening services.

Why Do I Need Teeth Whitening Services at All?

Your smile is one of the first impressions you make on someone, but a lot of people don’t realize just how stained their teeth can become over time. While brushing and flossing is extremely important and helpful in making sure your teeth stay white, these teeth-cleaning methods are sometimes not as effective as they need to be. There are a few common details that people may not focus on in their day-to-day oral hygiene, which include:

Coming to Duffield Dentistry for professional teeth whitening service is one of the best ways to avoid oral health confusion and ensure sparkling white teeth instead.

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Types of Professional Teeth Whitening Services

Everyone can benefit from a little extra attention to their teeth, so trust in Duffield Dentistry to provide the right method for you. At our local dental office, you get professional teeth whitening with two different, yet effective, methods of teeth whitening. See which one works best f
or you!

In-Office Zoom Whitening

When you come into the office for our zoom whitening, you’ll be in and out in no more than an hour. It’s quick and painless and you end up with whiter teeth. It works when light activated zoom whitening gel gently penetrates the teeth to remove discoloration and stains. Can’t make it in for an hour? Try our at-home whitening trays instead.

Take-Home Whitening TraysWhat Can I Do About Stained or Discolored Teeth?

With our take home whitening trays, we give you dental molded teeth bleaching trays which are custom made for the perfect fit. You can use these trays overnight or for two 30 minute periods during the day. No matter your schedule, Duffield Dentistry has the professional teeth whitening options for you.

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Choose Duffield Dentistry For Professional Teeth Whitening Services, Today!

If you’re ready for a brighter, whiter, smile come to Duffield Dentistry and get the very best in professional teeth whitening. Don’t delay! Contact us at 877-630-7410 to schedule an appointment with our helpful staff. You’re just a step away from your whitest smile yet!

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