How to Use the Tooth Fairy to Your Advantage

How to Use the Tooth Fairy to Your AdvantageOne of the biggest milestones for a young child is losing that first tooth. And then the second, and the third, and so on. Aside from the idea of becoming a big kid, this is exciting for your child because they finally get a visit from the Tooth Fairy! In most cases, this means money or small gifts under their pillow when they wake. What many parents don’t realize is how easy it is to use the Tooth Fairy to their advantage. The Tooth Fairy is a great way to reinforce to your children about how important oral hygiene is and how to get them practicing good habits at a young age.

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Tell them About the Tooth Fairy at a Young Age

If kids know about the Tooth Fairy before they even start losing their teeth, they will be more likely to take care of their teeth at a young age. Although they are only baby teeth, it is still important that they are healthy and looked after. Examples for how to approach the subject:

  • Have a parent tell the child that the Tooth Fairy only likes clean, healthy teeth
  • Explain that if the child would put more effort into brushing their teeth and flossing, the Tooth Fairy will be pleased and leave a better surprise
  • Include the child’s dentist on the Tooth Fairy scenario for added story strength

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Leave a Note

A note from the Tooth Fairy can be just as, if not more, exciting for a child than money or a gift. Write your child a note giving them some oral health tips such as “make sure you brush your teeth twice a day” or “flossing is just as important as brushing.” Anything fun that will make your child excited about oral health is also a good idea, such as “can’t wait for the next one!” and “that was an especially shiny tooth!”

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How to Use the Tooth Fairy to Your Advantage

Give Gifts for Oral Health

Instead of leaving money, toys, gum or other gifts under your child’s pillow, leave them a gift that will make them excited about dental hygiene. A new toothbrush with their favorite superhero or T.V. character or a fun flavored toothpaste will make your child eager to brush their teeth, not dreading it. Leaving a children’s book about the Tooth Fairy is another fun idea to keep your child interested in good oral hygiene.

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Maintain a Healthy Smile with Duffield

So there you have it! The Tooth Fairy is the perfect way to drive your kids toward good dental hygiene habits. When your child loses their first tooth, or second, or third, or even before they lose any, make sure the Tooth Fairy helps them maintain a healthy, happy smile! Family dentist Dr. Larry Duffield will be waiting for your children after any tooth-loss.

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