Tips For Getting Your Kids To Brush Their Teeth Properly

Getting kids excited about their oral health can be tricky. Encouraging them to brush their teeth properly and regularly isn’t always an easy task but it’s certainly an important one. Follow these tips for getting your kids to brush their teeth properly so they can have a healthy smile all year long.

Follow these tips for getting your kids to brush their teeth properly!
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Get In A Routine

Kids (and adults) should brush at least twice a day, once after breakfast and once before bed. This helps keep teeth and gums healthy and strong! By getting kids in the habit, they are more likely to not neglect their teeth as they get older.

Allow Kids To Pick!

There are many different toothbrushes and toothpastes geared towards kids. Allowing kids to pick their superhero or princess toothbrush will get them excited about when it’s time to use it. Rather than cinnamon or mint toothpaste, there is a wide variety of kid-friendly flavors that they will enjoy!
Reminder: A little toothpaste goes a long way. Dentists recommend a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste for kids up to five years old, and even less for kids under two!

Play (or sing!) Music

When it’s time to brush, turn on one of your kid’s favorite songs. This will make brushing time go by quicker and more enjoyable. Kids should brush for about two minutes, which is about four rounds of singing the ABC song.

Make It A Family Activity

As you’re most likely aware, kids love to do what their parents do. Make brushing, flossing and rinsing a family activity. Kids will learn to love taking care of their teeth when they associate it with having fun with the family.

Duffield Dentistry: Your Kid’s Destination For Healthy Teeth

The most important tip for having kids with healthy teeth is to visit your dentist every six months for a proper teeth cleaning and dental checkup. We know how important is it for your child’s teeth to be cared for gently. Pediatric dentist, Dr. Larry Duffield has always gone above and beyond to make sure every patient knows they are in good hands throughout his or her visit from start to finish. We want your child leaving our office with a smile! Call us today at (877) 630-7410 to set up an appointment.

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