Teeth Have the Winter Blues? Learn About Treating Cold Weather Tooth Pain!

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As the winter takes its toll, it is important that the safety of your teeth isn’t compromised. Your teeth are porous and sensitive, making them easily vulnerable to changing temperatures, but especially cold temperatures. This often results in irritation due to cold air seeping through your teeth which can affect your roots as well. Don’t let the cold get you down! Follow these simple tips and understand how you can avoid tooth pain due to cold weather.

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Why Winter Months Affect Your Teeth

Tooth pain during winter months is a key indicator of sensitivity. Your teeth are vulnerable to the cold and will often contract when exposed to cold air. These contractions will cause microscopic cracks to form on your teeth, increasing your tooth sensitivity. While sensitivity is very common among adults, it is an issue that can lead to more serious, painful issues down the road.

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How to Avoid Tooth Pain Due to Cold

The battle against sensitive teeth can easily be won by maintaining good oral hygiene. Routine hygiene practice is key in maintaining healthy teeth. Avoid sensitivity-based tooth pain and practice oral hygiene by completing one or more of the following suggestions:

The Facts About Fluoride

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Speak With Your Dentist

In situations regarding your health, the professionals always know best. Speak to your dentist to learn what the best procedure is for you to take to guard your pearly whites from the cold. Royal Oak dentist, Dr. Larry Duffield is a recipient of the 2015 Patient’s Choice Award and will happily serve you and your family in regards to oral health this winter.

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