A Healthy Diet for Healthy Teeth

A Healthy Diet for Healthy TeethHaving healthy teeth goes beyond “don’t consume too much sugar.” A healthy diet is responsible for maintaining good oral health and it is becoming an important tactic in preventative dentistry. Here are some foods to incorporate into your diet for healthy teeth:

Crispy Fruits and Raw Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, celery and cucumbers can help clean plaque from teeth. It can also prevent bacteria from settling on your teeth and remaining in your mouth. Freshen your breath by munching on some crispy fruits and raw vegetables next time you snack.

Black and Green Tea

Drinking black or green tea will slow the growth of bacteria that causes cavities and gum disease. You can reduce plaque buildup by rinsing your mouth with black tea instead of water for one minute, 10 times a day.

A Healthy Diet for Healthy TeethCheddar Cheese

Eating cheddar cheese will lower acid levels in your mouth. It can also increase saliva production, which will wash out some of the bacteria in your mouth. The calcium found in cheddar cheese will help keep tooth enamel strong and healthy.

Sugarless Gum

Chewing on sugarless gum after eating can remove foods that are stuck in between your teeth. It will also increase saliva secretion, clearing away some bacteria in your mouth.

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