Independence Day Treats That Are Good For Your Teeth

fireworks-472894_1280The best way to protect your smile is prevention. Sure, you can fill cavities or professionally whiten your teeth, but the cheapest and safest improvement is taking good care of your teeth. To avoid damage and yellowing teeth, enjoy treats that taste good as well as will improve your smile. Brushing and flossing can only prevent so much – improving your diet makes a tremendous impact on the health of your teeth. This Fourth of July, ditch the soda and candy and enjoy these guilt-free treats.


Smoothies will leave you refreshed and have your teeth thanking you. They do contain some sugar, but it is better to get your sugar from milk and fresh fruit rather than from candy. Milk and dairy products contain calcium, which is key for healthy teeth. Calcium strengthens tooth enamel and bones. By adding dairy into your diet, it will help repair your teeth. So grab some fruit and blend away!

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Hummus is made out of garbanzos beans – also known as chickpeas. These beans were first domesticated in the Middle East and have become a popular snack here in the United States. Garbanzo beans contain a high amount of fiber. Fiber keeps saliva flowing which then in turn helps mineral defenses against tooth decay. Pair some hummus with some whole grain tortilla or pita chips and you’re ready to enjoy a nutritious snack.

Independence Day TreatsHomemade Popsicles

Store-bought popsicles can seem like a healthy treat but are actually loaded with unneeded sugars. Create your own fresh fruit pops as a great alternative that will leave you smiling. Popsicle molds can be found at the nearest dollar or grocery store. Simply add your favorite fruit and coconut water to the popsicle molds, freeze overnight and enjoy!

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Gelatin is another low sugar treat that will leave your teeth feeling satisfied. Gelatin or “Jell-O” is perfect if you are craving a sweet and fruity snack. It’s also a plus that it contains almost zero calories. You can make sugar-free Jell-O at home or buy it pre-made and packaged at any grocery store.

Duffield Dentistry Wishes You a Happy Independence Day

The fourth of July brings festive celebrations and great food for everyone. These treats are ways to satisfy your sweet tooth and prevent any damage to your teeth while enjoying the celebration. A change in diet can improve your smile, but you still need those annual checkups. Make an appointment with Dr. Larry Duffield by contacting us at our Royal Oak office at 877-630-7410.

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