How to Safely Pull Out a Loose Tooth

When many people think about pulling out a loose tooth, the first thing they think of is tying a string around the tooth, tying the other end to a door handle and slamming the door. Sound familiar? This is actually a huge no-no and can cause a lot of damage to the gums. Instead, follow these simple tips from Duffield Dentistry on how to safely pull out a loose tooth.

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The Wiggle Method

Before taking a more substantial stance on pulling out a tooth, make sure it’s actually loose enough. If the tooth isn’t ready to fall out, there will be a higher chance for bleeding and pain. With a loose tooth, the best way to make it even more loose is to wiggle it. For the least amount of pain, have your child wiggle it back and forth with his or her tongue. If the tooth still isn’t falling out by moving it back and forth and your child’s game to continue, you can try a different technique to get the tooth out.

Bite into Something Hard

Although it might cause some initial pain, you can encourage the child to eat something hard, like an apple or corn on the cob to get the tooth out. Your child might not only find their tooth stuck in their food, but it also motivates them to eat their fruits and vegetables. Just be sure to monitor this action to catch the tooth as it becomes lodged in the fruit or vegetable.

bite into something hard

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Have an Adult Pull it Out

If the tooth is still hanging by a thread and just won’t fall out, you can try to gently pull it. Have your child try pulling out their own tooth because only they will know if the tooth is loose enough and this can decrease the pain your child may have when pulling out their tooth. To discourage any infections, use a piece of tissue or a thin cloth to get a better grip on the tooth and decrease germs.

Visit the Dentist

While keeping these tips in mind, you should always listen to your child when trying to pull out his or her tooth. Don’t force the pulling because prematurely pulling out a tooth will only cause more pain or bleeding. If the tooth is a stubborn one, pay your dentist visit sooner rather than later. Waiting too long to pull out a baby tooth could impact the growth of adult teeth. An early introduction to oral hygiene is good for kids anyway. Visit children’s dentist Dr. Larry Duffield for more information!

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