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Bring Your Smile Back

Losing your teeth is hard. You lose your ability to smile with confidence. You lose your ability to eat certain foods. Your self-confidence is permanently shaken because of the way you think people view you.

Duffield Dentistry understands the struggles that come with lost teeth. We understand how hard it is to go through your day worrying about your appearance. We don’t think anyone should have to worry about their smile.

Dentures offer a solution to the problem of missing teeth. They allow you to fill the gaps in your smile by replacing them with a new set of teeth. Helping you smile worry-free is why we are here.

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Sometimes people's teeth are not savable and the denture, if they're infected, if they're broken, sometimes a denture can provide for somebody for upper and lower teeth and straight, nice, white teeth. For a lot of patients, dentures are a good way to go, especially, with the implants we're doing now. You can put a couple implants in there and anchor the denture in. The problems with dentures in the past has always been a little bit of, a little bit of movement and now with implants you can secure it down so you don't have to use the messy adhesives, you don't have to use the other modalities to keep the denture in place.


Types Of Dentures

Denture are one of those things that you don’t think about until you need them. That’s why Dr. Lawrence Duffield and his staff at Duffield Dentistry are ready to answer any questions you are sure to have.

There are two types of dentures: complete dentures and partial dentures.

Complete Denture – These dentures replace the teeth in an entire arch or in your entire mouth. Of this type of denture, there are two sub-types.

  • Conventional Denture – These dentures are made after your teeth are removed. Your dentures will be ready roughly 8-12 weeks after your gums have been given a chance to heal from the extraction.
  • Immediate Denture – These dentures are ready for immediate placement after an extraction. That is because they are manufactured before your teeth are removed. This way, you will not be without your smile for any time at all. The drawback is that your gums will shrink over the course of time following your tooth extraction, causing the fit of these dentures to become loose. We recommend these only as a stopgap until your conventional dentures are ready.

Partial Denture – This type of denture replaces only a select part of your smile. It is used when someone has a few missing teeth, but the rest of their dental structure is intact. Dr. Duffield can recommend various options based on your situation.

The Process

Making your denture will take several weeks. If you are receiving an immediate pair of dentures, they will be ready the day of your tooth removal procedure. (Your teeth may need to be removed due to irreparable damage from tooth decay, cracked or broken teeth, gum disease, or simply to make room for your dentures.) It will be roughly 8-12 weeks before you receive your denture.

Alternatives – Implant-supported denture are an excellent alternative to traditional dentures. They are a more permanent solution that offers many benefits over denture. Dr. Duffield will use dental implants to secure to your replacement teeth in your mouth, giving you greater stability and comfort over traditional denture solutions.

Denture are a reliable way for you to regain the smile you once had. They are also a way for you to create the smile you’ve been dreaming of. Dr. Duffield would love to talk to you about the different ways Duffield Dentistry can help you. Call our office at 248-721-4502 today to schedule an appointment. You can also leave us a message using the online form, and someone will get back to you shortly.


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