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Wisdom Teeth Checkup

  • July 5, 2013

General Dentistry Wisdom Teeth Checkup In Birmingham MI Wisdom teeth usually come in between ages 16 and 24 for people in the Birmingham community. While not always troublesome, it is important to learn as early as possible whether your wisdom teeth are coming in sideways, or otherwise impacting your other teeth.

Checking your wisdom teeth at a general dentistry office in Royal Oak is a simple and painless process, and can save you trouble down the road.

Our practice, ‘Duffield Dentistry’, works with patients from ages 20 to 80, and our world class staff can help you determine whether your wisdom teeth will need to be extracted. We can also help you determine whether your wisdom teeth will require advanced care, or if a simple procedure can solve the problem.

Wisdom teeth can be painful, and we don’t like pain at Duffield Dentistry. It’s our goal to give you the best care and attention when checking your wisdom teeth.

If you are in the Birmingham MI area and need to have your wisdom teeth checked, please stop by our office at 2009 Crooks Road in Royal Oak. We also service the greater Birmingham area.

We specialize in restorative dentistry, and often perform dental implants. We can take a look at your wisdom teeth and help you make a healthy decision for your future.

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