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What’s A Good Alternative To Veneers For Teeth?

  • October 11, 2014

What's a good alternative to veneers for teeth? Find out here!Everyone dreams of that perfect smile. Because let’s be real, who wouldn’t want perfectly white, straight and clean teeth? Sometimes a simple cosmetic dental procedure might be just the solution you need in order to achieve this. Although veneers are certainly an option, they aren’t your only one. So what’s a good alternative to veneers for teeth?

Dental Crowns

This procedure has come a long way over the years. When you think of dental crowns, you may be envisioning silver caps that cover your teeth. There are more conservative crowns available now, such as a more natural looking option. These crowns cover your whole tooth and can be custom fitted to your mouth. They are a permanent solution to dental imperfections.

Invisalign Clear Braces

If you are looking into veneers to provide a nice and straight smile, there is different approach you can take. Invisalign clear braces is a great way to discreetly realign your teeth the way you want. They provide the same service as metal braces, which can be embarrassing and painful at times. Invisalign braces are made to suit your life. They can simply be removed when eating, drinking and brushing your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Veneers could give you some great looking teeth but so can teeth whitening. If you are happy with the alignment of your teeth but not the color, this simple solution will solve your problem. With a few different procedures available, teeth whitening has become very popular. A common dental procedure is the use of Zoom whitening. It’s a safe and effective way to brighten your smile with the use of light and a special gel. Another common form of teeth whitening is a take-home teeth whitening tray. You can do it on your own time, even when you are asleep and the trays can be custom made to fit you perfectly.

Talk To Your Dentist About More Alternatives To Veneers For Teeth

What’s a good alternative to veneers for teeth? Royal Oak dentist, Dr. Larry Duffield has been serving the Metro Detroit area for over 30 years and is here to answer all of your questions. He and his staff are trained in all procedures ranging from general teeth cleaning to advanced cosmetic dental procedures.

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