Trays, Strips Or The Dentist? Understanding Your Teeth Whitening Options

A smile is a very powerful sign of emotion. You shouldn’t be afraid to show it off due to some discoloration. In todays world, whitening your teeth is extremely easy and there are various ways of doing so. From over the counter strips and trays to dental visits, let’s look a bit further into the 3 best ways to brighten your chompers!

Bleaching Trays

Using teeth whitening trays is similar to wearing a mouthguard, but it’s filled with whitening gel. There are over-the-counter trays available, but most trays are picked up from your dentist. That way they can mold the trays to fit your mouth specifically for a more comfortable experience. Along with the trays, your dentist will provide you with a whitening gel. These custom trays, along with the gel, tend to be very costly when purchased from a dentist so be aware of that going in.

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You must first prep your tray by placing some whitening gel into each section of the tray, so every tooth is covered. Then before putting the tray in, go through your nightly routine of flossing, brushing and using mouthwash. When you are all ready, place the tray into your mouth and wait. Many whitening tray users apply it at night. This way it can sit for hours and be uninterrupted. The trays also come with warnings on how much gel to use as well as how long you should leave them in for. If left too long, it can result in some pain.

Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips are one of more simple ways to whiten your teeth. This method is prefered by many people because all you need to do is apply the strip. There is no traveling to the dentist or getting a tray fitted to your mouth. The strips are very thin and clear so they cannot be seen while they are being worn. They are coated with a whitening gel and usually require to be applied two times a day for about 30 minutes each. Results are hardly noticed right away but, after consistent use for a few weeks, a much brighter smile will result.

In Office Whitening

Having a dentist do your teeth whitening is the best way to get results fast. Sometimes patients see their teith whitened 10 shades brighter in only an hour. This is because they can use stronger whitening agents since it’s being applied by a dentist. Which is why it’s also one of the safest ways of whitening. When trying to whiten your teeth alone, you may use too much gel or keep the trays in for too long. Sometimes it’s best to leave it to professionals.

More Questions? Don’t Be Afraid To Ask!

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