The Real Reasons Why Flossing Your Teeth Is So Important

Is this something you put off regularly? Here are the real reasons why flossing your teeth is so important.We’ve all heard how important it is to floss your teeth yet many of us fail to keep up with it regularly. Some common excuses tend to be not having time, not knowing how or not needing it. Those reasons, that are causing you to not floss, are hurting your mouth more than you know. Flossing is a vital habit for keeping maintaining healthy mouth and if it’s not currently a part of your routine, it’s time to start. Here are the real reasons why flossing your teeth is so important.

Preventing Tartar

You know the scraping the dentist does with that sharp hook? That’s him removing tartar from your teeth. It builds up over time and gets to the point where brushing doesn’t remove it. Tartar is the buildup of plaque and is something that can eventually lead to gum disease. You can help prevent it from forming in the first place simply by flossing. Tartar forms when the plaque goes untouched for long periods of time. When you floss, you are getting rid of plaque before it has the chance to settle.

Shutting Down Halitosis

Halitosis is a medical term for an issue that can be very embarrassing, bad breath. It’s something we all dread, but it can be prevented or taken care of. Flossing will help you remove the food and plaque between your teeth that brushing can’t get. Over time, all that buildup releases an odor. Removing the source of the smell is a great start to kicking that bad breath.

Heart Disease

It seems unrelated, but if you follow the chain of events, flossing can help reduce the risk of heart disease. Your mouth is an entrance for many different forms of bacteria. The dirtier your mouth is, the more susceptible you are to having the bacteria grow. That bacteria can lead to a number of issues including respiratory illnesses and heart disease. Flossing and keeping your mouth clean is only a small preventative measure, but it will help fight off the nation’s leading cause of death, heart disease.

Don’t Neglect Your Dentist!

Be sure to schedule regular appointments with your dentist. As a trained professional, your dentist can teach you proper flossing techniques and give you advice as to how you can improve. Royal Oak dentist, Dr. Larry Duffield is dedicated to providing his patients with healthy smiles for life. Call (877) 630-7410 to schedule your appointment today.

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