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The holidays are wonderful, but they can make keeping your family’s teeth and gums healthy sort of tricky.

It’s not like we just have one day and one place to celebrate. It’s an entire season, which can mean weeks of multiple parties and family gatherings, more baking than at any other time of the year, and lots of sugary treats.

So our team at Duffield Dentistry in Royal Oak, MI wants to help you get through it with a healthy smile with some tips on filling those stockings up this year.

Stocking Stuffers That Are Great For Your Smile!

Here are some gift ideas that make great stocking stuffers for your family’s smiles!

*For The Lifehacker, A Water Pick*

We all know someone like this.

The person who loves a great hack to make life simpler.

A water pick is the perfect way to show you care about their dental health! There are all sorts of brands to choose from, so you can buy one that best suits the person’s taste.

Not only will it save time in front of the bathroom mirror if you get one that can be used in the shower, but water flossers are just as effective at removing particles and debris from the hard-to-reach places in your mouth for cleaner, healthier teeth and gums!

*For New Learners, An Electric Toothbrush*

Young children who are pretty new to the oral hygiene game need all the help they can get to keep their teeth and gums thoroughly clean each day.

That’s why an electric toothbrush can be the perfect stocking stuffer for your child’s smile.

An electric toothbrush is great for catching places a standard toothbrush might miss, and we all know that kids don’t have the same kind of attention to detail as adults. They’re likely to pass over certain nooks and crannies inside the mouth as they get better at proper brushing.

*For The Kids, A Timer For Brushing*

Anything you can do to make oral hygiene more fun for the kids is a gift!

Not only does it instill good dental habits early on, but it also gives them ownership over their own health that will carry them into adulthood.

You can put a fun timer in their stocking to help them learn about the rules for proper brushing, which is two minutes twice a day. It can be colorful, have their favorite character on it, or play their favorite songs.

*For The Traveler, A Toothbrush Holder*

If you have someone in your family who travels a lot for business, or you’re a family of adventurers, a sleek toothbrush holder can help them pack in style!

Ordinarily, you want to store your toothbrush in an upright position out in the open so it can dry thoroughly. But if you’re traveling, you need something to store it in that will protect it from other hygiene products and toiletries so it doesn’t touch anything that might leave residue behind.

Find one that suits the style tastes of the person receiving it, whether it’s sleek and sophisticated or bright and colorful, their toothbrush will be safe and clean.

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Not everything in your stocking needs to be loaded with sugar. Candy is okay in moderation, but with these gift ideas, you’ll at least have some new gear and gadgets to help you maintain a healthy smile in spite of it!

After the holidays, visit Duffield Dentistry for a dental cleaning and exam so we can make sure your teeth and gums have made it through the season unscathed.

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