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You did your best, but you couldn’t avoid problems with one or two teeth right before the holiday season.

Now, you face certain problems with comfort, function, and your appearance that can have a pretty big impact on your social experiences this time of year.

You might have:

*Missing teeth

*A cavity

*Tooth sensitivity

*An infected tooth

*Chipped or cracked teeth

Dr. Duffield in Royal Oak, MI is highly-trained and experienced to handle dental damage and other health issues that affect the strength, function, and look of your teeth.

Our restorative dental treatments at Duffield Dentistry like root canals, dental fillings, crowns and bridges, dental implants, and veneers can be used to help your smile work to your advantage this holiday season.

Restore Your Healthy, Beautiful Smile For The Holidays

With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, you have a long, busy string of social engagements coming up. Make sure your teeth are strong and healthy and your smile makes you feel proud, confident, and happy for the holidays with restorative dentistry .

*You Need A Smile Worth A Thousand Words*

If a picture is worth a thousand words, your smile needs to say a lot!

Everyone’s a photographer these days because of the smartphone, so you want a smile that looks healthy and attractive at every moment.

You never know when your smile is going to be shot and shared in an instant! Restorations look more natural than ever so you never have to reveal past dental problems.

*You Can Eat What You Want Without Pain*

Let’s not pretend that food isn’t one aspect of the holidays we don’t care that much about or look forward to.

Food is one of the best parts of any holiday!

So it’s not a good time to have a painful dental problem that makes chewing difficult or uncomfortable, like missing teeth or a tooth that’s decayed, cracked, or broken.

You can replace or repair problem teeth with dental implants, tooth-colored fillings, and dental crowns and bridges so you can fill your plate with all your holiday favorites!

*You Can Feel More Relaxed & Confident*

If you’re like most people, the holidays are probably the only time you ever see certain friends and relatives. Similarly, there may be people at work you wish you could get to know more, but the annual company party might be the only chance you have to get more acquainted.

The point is, you’re most likely going to be mingling with people, and you can’t feel relaxed or confident if you have damaged teeth. Restorative treatment like dental crowns, bridges, and even veneers can make your smile look much brighter and healthier.

*You Don’t Want To Worry About Dental Problems*

If you already have compromised teeth because of damage or decay, two things are more likely to happen.

For one, you could bite down on something and break that weak tooth.

Or, you could start experiencing tooth pain.

Either way, you don’t want an existing dental problem to worsen to the point that your holiday plans are wrecked because of a dental emergency.

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The only way to fully enjoy the holidays is when you look good and you feel good.

Dental problems tend to get in the way of both of those by their very nature.

That’s why you shouldn’t wait until it’s too late to restore your smile at Duffield Dentistry.

Our team can make sure you have full, comfortable function of your teeth and you have a smile you’ll feel proud of.

Call our Royal Oak, MI dental office today at 248-721-4502 or fill out our online form for an appointment.

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