Phobia of the Dentist! What Can I Do?


Anxiety of going to the dentist, known as dental phobia, has become all too common in both children and adults. Oftentimes this anxiety forces people to avoid the dentist altogether. This can lead to minor dental problems becoming major issues down the line. Duffield Dentistry does its best to provide a safe and warming atmosphere for patients. Still, if your dental phobia is holding you back from making an a trip to the dentist, follow these helpful tips on how to get rid of your fear.

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Causes of Dental Phobia

The leading cause of dental phobia is the fear of perceived pain. This issue often originates from childhood and carries on through one’s elder years. It’s the interpretation your mind creates from rumors of procedures that used to be painful, such as root canals and dental implants. These assumptions of pain are no longer relevant, as updated technology has improved the procedures.

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Tips on How to Overcome Your Phobiabrushing-teeth-787630_640

It is up to you to initiate that step towards scheduling an appointment and progressing towards healthy oral hygiene. Still, as phobia may come from a variety of elements, it becomes tough to pinpoint exactly what causes one’s dental phobia. Here are several simple steps to help defeat your phobia of the dentist:

1. Meet With Your Dentist

Dentists are people too! They understand fear and want to help you conquer your fear of the dentist. Prior to your appointment, schedule a time to simply meet and speak with your dentist. More often than not this will help calm your nerves as you will be more comfortable with your appointment.

2. Have Your Dentist Explain The Procedure

Before your dentist gets to work, simply ask to have him or her take you step by step through the procedure. Generally a big part of dental phobia is fear of the unknown; we find ourselves reclined in the dentist chair unsure as to what will happen next, but having a general idea of each step and what will be going on inside of your mouth will help calm your nerves before the procedure.

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3. Establish a “Stop” Signal

Your dentist does not want you to be in dentist-998830_640
pain. This is a fact! Dentists want you to
be comfortable in their office and as comfortable as possible to continue with the procedure. Before the procedure begins, speak with your dentist to create a signal that will allow him or her to know when to slow down or even stop the procedure to help you recuperate. A hand signal is necessary as you should not interfereverbally while the dentist is operating in your mouth.

4. Consider Taking Medication

Nitrous oxide, oftenly known as laughing gas, is the most commonly used as well as the most recommended type of relaxation medication. These sedation medications will have you remaining calm throughout the procedure as well as help numb your mouth to prevent you from being affected by any pain.

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