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It’s summertime, and you’re supposed to be having a good time around the pool or the grill with family and friends.

But instead, tooth loss has forced you to say goodbye to so many of life’s simple pleasures.

Things the rest of us take for granted.

Smiling and laughing freely.

Eating what you want without pain or worry.

Feeling and looking healthy.

Our team at Duffield Dentistry know that dental implants in our Royal Oak, MI practice can make this a reality for you, and today, we’re going to journey through your summer experience as it ought to be.

With dental implants , in fact, as it can one day be.

Imagine Your Summer With Dental Implants

Let’s take a peek into your future.

Stroll with us through your new life with dental implants and what your special summer events might look like from this moment on.

Can You See Yourself Smiling More?

You’re used to it by now.

All the anxiety, the insecurity, and the energy that go into hiding your smile. It’s pretty tough to keep that up when you’re constantly surrounded by people at parties and cookouts.

Now, try to see yourself enjoying the summer without all that anxiety and insecurity. You have dental implants keeping your replacement teeth locked in place.

Your replacement teeth that look beautifully natural, by the way.

Because of that, you’re so much more relaxed and able to enjoy yourself and the company of people you care about.

Can You Taste The Delicious Food?

You can already smell the smoky scent of barbecue wafting through the neighborhood.

Now imagine being able to grab a slab of ribs and crunchy, buttery corn-on-the-cob and chomping down at all your summer gatherings.

Can you taste the delicious foods you’d given up on because they were too painful or difficult to chew?

Can you feel yourself actually enjoying summer picnics more, all because you don’t have to carry the stress and worry that your dentures may fail you at the wrong time?

Dental implants bond with your jawbone so that your restorations not only look real, but function just like real teeth!

Can You See How Easy It Is To Brush & Floss?

Dental implants don’t require special care outside of normal daily brushing and flossing.

So instead of having to be extra careful to not scratch or irritate your gums where a tooth should be or having to take out your dentures and scrub them everyday, imagine the ease and comfort of a new oral hygiene routine with secure, natural-looking dental implants and restorations!

Can You Imagine A Healthier Life?

Tooth loss is a double whammy of destruction.

The most obvious hit is to how you look, and consequently, how you feel about the way you look.

First it’s one tooth, then another, then more.

You can’t feel secure and confident even with just one missing tooth, let alone several or all of your teeth gone.

The next hit, perhaps less obvious to everyone else, is to your health.

When you don’t replace missing teeth, you significantly increase the chances of bacterial infection spreading throughout your body and causing serious systemic health problems.

But you know all of this, so now it’s time to imagine your life going in a different direction.

Imagine that your new teeth are anchored by dental implants that ultimately become a part of you, as they will fuse to your jawbone for maximum strength and health.

That means easier chewing, easier digestion, and better nutrition. It also means feeling much more confident about the way you look.

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Here’s what we hope you take away from today’s blog:

When it comes to your oral and overall health, your confidence, and your quality of life, you deserve the best, and the best is possible with dental implants.

To learn more about your options in tooth replacement, call Duffield Dentistry at 248-721-4502 or fill out our online form for an appointment.

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