How To Help Oral Surgery Go Smoothly

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There are times when the best way to help your smile is with oral surgery. Dr. Duffield will always try to use non-invasive treatments when possible, but there are times when it’s not just necessary but the best option you have. Call us today at (248) 721-4502 to schedule your oral surgery appointment with a highly skilled and experienced dentist like Dr. Duffield.

Why Oral Surgery Can Be A Good Thing

Dr. Duffield’s experience allows you to know when you can get by without oral surgery and when it’s necessary. Here are some reasons why you might need it:

  • Your gums have pulled away from your teeth due to gum disease.
  • Your jawbone has become weak and needs help.
  • You need a dental implant but your bone tissue isn’t thick or strong enough.
  • You need to remove a tooth too damaged to stay in your mouth.
  • You have a wisdom tooth that needs a dental extraction.

By calling our Royal Oak, MI dental office today, you can get an appointment for oral surgery that corrects these problems. Like many situations, you can’t just ignore things and hope the problems will go away on their own. The longer you wait to call, the more likely these problems will only get worse.

Preparations To Make Oral Surgery Go Smoothly

Once you come to Duffield Dentistry for your appointment, all you’ll need to do is sit back and let us do our jobs. But there are some things you can do at home beforehand to help your oral surgery so more smoothly.

1. Put some cold packs in the freezer.

You’ll most likely receive some help from Dr. Duffield to manage your pain after the oral surgery is complete. However, there’s still room for more natural remedies. A cold pack held against the outside of your mouth can do wonders for pain and swelling that might happen. Since you do not want to need one and find it sitting on a shelf somewhere, put it in the freezer now.

2. Stock up on bland and soft foods.

You still need to eat after having oral surgery. As they say, you need to keep your strength up. However, your mouth will likely not be ready for spicy foods or stuff that takes a lot of effort to chew. Since you probably won’t feel like shopping much after oral surgery, go to the grocery store the day before your appointment. Get plenty of foods that are soft and bland.

3. Line up some shows, movies, or books for afterward.

Once you’re back home after your appointment, you’ll have to rest for a whole. There’s only so many naps you can take. Instead of trying to decide how to spend the time, get some books, movies, and TV shows that you want to enjoy. This can help you pass the time in a fun way while you heal up.

4. Lay out comfortable clothes and leave off makeup and jewelry.

Since you’ll be lying back in our chair for a while, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Instead of wearing something formal, pick out some clothes that you find very comfortable. Lay these out the night before so you won’t have to worry about it later.

On the day of your oral surgery appointment, don’t bother putting any makeup on your face. It’s just going to rub off on our team’s scrubs. Likewise, take out any jewelry like earrings, nose rings, or facial piercings. These can get in the way of the oral surgery procedure.

5. Avoid all foods and drinks (except water) eight hours before your appointment begins.

Oral surgery is routine, but it is still surgery. You might need anesthesia. That means you need to avoid all food and drink starting eight hours before your appointment begins (not when you think the surgery would start). You can always drink water and take your regular medications, but if you are on prescriptions, talk to Dr. Duffield about what you take and when.

6. Make sure you read and understand all Dr. Duffield’s instructions.

You will most likely receive a set of instructions from our Royal Oak, MI dental office for before and after your oral surgery appointment. Be sure to read these thoroughly. If there are any parts you do not understand clearly, please ask us to clarify. Our team is happy to explain anything in those instructions.

Call us TODAY at (248) 721-4502 or send us a message online to schedule your next appointment for oral surgery. Dr. Duffield is very experienced in using oral surgery to help your dental health improve.

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