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This is a popular time of year for recent college graduates to enter the professional job market for the first time. If you’re one of those many hopefuls, you need your smile to look its best!

Let our team at Duffield Dentistry get your smile career-ready with cosmetic dentistry. Our Royal Oak, MI dental office offers several ways to wow potential employers with a glowing, healthy smile as you face a string of job interviews and stand out against the competition!

Get A Career-Ready Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Put your best foot, and your best smile, forward with potential employers with these powerful cosmetic dentistry options at Duffield Dentistry!

*Teeth Whitening For A Great Impression*

If time is of the essence, teeth whitening is great smile enhancement for upcoming job interviews. It’s something that makes a big impact on your smile with little time and effort. Professional whitening strips or customized trays from our Royal Oak, MI dental office makes improving your smile and boosting your self-esteem in time for upcoming interviews easy and affordable!

*Veneers For The Wow Factor*

When you have an important event coming up, you probably do several things to make yourself look your best, such as buy a new outfit, head to the stylist for a trim, and maybe even schedule a manicure.

Veneers are along the same lines as these beauty enhancements, only they last much longer!

Delicate shells, dental veneers fit over your flawed teeth and are bonded to them for maximum hold and lasting comfort. They look like natural teeth, only flawless and radiant for as long as you wear them, which with the right care, can be anywhere from one to two decades or longer.

Veneers are the perfect choice when you really want to bring the wow factor to your smile as you enter the job market competition!

*Crown Lengthening For Balance*

Small teeth don’t make for a very sophisticated smile. And teeth that are too small may not necessarily be so because of their actual size. It could be due to excess gum tissue that hides a large portion of each tooth, making them only appear to be too short.

Crown lengthening can fix that by removing extra tissue, pulling your gumline up higher, and exposing more of the tooth so they all look longer. You can strike the right balance with your smile and with potential employers!

Schedule A Consultation!

Chances are, you’ll be one among many candidates entering the job market this time of year. So along with preparing for job interviews to best communicate your strengths and winsome qualities, you also want to make sure your smile is memorable.

Stand out with potential employers by scheduling your cosmetic dental treatment at Duffield Dentistry.

Call our Royal Oak, MI dental office today at 248-721-4502 or fill out our online form for a consultation with Dr. Duffield.

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