Don’t Let Missing Teeth Ruin Intimacy With Your Valentine [BLOG]

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Missing teeth is bad enough. The way it makes you feel and how it puts your oral and overall health at risk are challenging, to say the least!

But tooth loss take more from you than your confident smile and your best health.

It can rob you and your spouse of intimacy.

Let’s face it. A toothless smile can wreck your confidence in social situations, but it does the same thing in private moments with people you care about.

You don’t feel attractive because of your missing teeth. As a result, you might begin to avoid intimacy, and thus, emotionally distance yourself from your spouse or partner, even if that’s not what you intended.

Our team at Duffield Dentistry wants to help you avoid that.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and the celebration of the love you share with your sweetheart, we want to spend today’s blog talking about solutions for missing teeth that will give you back the life you deserve, such as dental implants.  

It’s not just for the sake of closeness with your lifetime Valentine. It’s for the sake of your confidence, your oral health, and the lifestyle you deserve.

Solutions For Missing Teeth

Deciding how to tackle your tooth loss problem can be quite daunting. You’ve spent enough time dealing with the stress and anxiety that come with missing teeth. You shouldn’t have to pile on such an important decision about tooth replacement, too.

At Duffield Dentistry, you don’t have to!

That’s because Dr. Duffield and our highly-trained team can guide you through your journey back from tooth loss to find the replacement strategy that works for your life.

One of those options is dominating modern dentistry, and we can offer it to our Royal Oak patients.

Dental implants can’t be beat when it comes to tooth replacement. They are an artificial root capped by a dental crown that looks, feels, and works like a real tooth.

If you have enough healthy bone mass and gum tissue, a dental implant will be placed inside the jawbone and will, over time, fuse with it naturally.

This is why implants give you the strongest bite compared to other tooth replacement options. It not only locks together with your own jawbone, but it promotes new growth as the years go by.

What that means is you can have nearly the same bite strength you used to have so you can eat the healthy foods you love. You don’t have to worry about chewing on one side, limiting yourself to only soft foods, or about shifting dentures failing you at the worst possible time.

It also means that you can restore the intimacy in your relationship that was lacking because of tooth loss.

Your spouse or partner may not have cared, but you care. And when you feel embarrassed about missing teeth, it’s hard to feel comfortable enough to be close with the person you love, despite how many years you’ve spent together.

Even if it turns out dental implants aren’t right for you, Dr. Duffield will use his extensive training and experience to find the solution that will work for your particular situation.

We’ll guide you back from tooth loss and back to the diet, lifestyle, and intimacy it took from you!

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Tooth loss affects so many parts of your life.

It prevents you from eating a balanced, nutrient-rich diet. It makes you feel stressed and insecure about your smile. And without the right solution, it only leads to more tooth loss and deteriorates your oral health and overall health.

But at Duffield Dentistry, you can find solutions for missing teeth that will help you stay healthy, feel confident, and enjoy life with your special someone.

Dental implants in our Royal Oak, MI office are the best tooth replacement option in modern dentistry. We can explore your options in implant solutions and find the one that will get you back to the intimacy you used to enjoy with your spouse for many Valentine celebrations to come.

Call Duffield Dentistry today at (248) 721-4502 or fill out our online form to schedule your tooth replacement consultation.

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