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By some estimates, over 150 million people in the United States have some degree of anxiety or fear about going to the dentist. If you’re one of them, you might feel better knowing that you have a lot of company.

People can have dental anxiety for many reasons, or none. They might have had an unpleasant experience with a dental procedure. They might be reasonably concerned about pain; people experience pain differently. Sometime, there’s no clear reason to be anxious.

Anxiety is usually the result of two things: you don’t know what’s going to happen, and not knowing bothers you. Everyone is anxious about something at some point in their lives. For instance, very few people are calm and relaxed when facing an IRS audit.

Dental anxiety can keep people from getting cleanings and examinations and lead them to avoid getting dental problems fixed. We think that’s a shame, and at Duffield Dentistry, we’re doing something about it.

Relax. We’ve Got This.

From the moment you walk through the front door of our practice, you’ll feel welcomed and cared for. Our knowledgeable and professional staff will do everything possible to help you relax before and during your appointment.

Dental practices aren’t the noisiest places around, but they’re not always the quietest. If you like, we can provide headphones to allow you to listen to music before and during your appointment.

If you hate being rushed, we can schedule a longer appointment. That will allow your procedure to happen at a pace you’re comfortable with. We’ll always make sure you’re comfortable before beginning, and we’ll check with you often to see how you’re doing. If you need to call a brief halt, by all means let us know.

We know from our extensive experience that some people need a little more help to relax and feel comfortable during their visits. In addition to ensuring that your mouth is completely numb before beginning a procedure, we offer two levels of dental sedation.

Two Dental Sedation Options for Your Comfort

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a very safe and effective sedation option that’s been used for decades. You inhale the a mixture of the gas and oxygen through a comfortable mask and almost immediately feel relaxed and comfortable. You may even feel giddy, which is where the “laughing gas” name comes from.

Once the procedure is over, the flow of gas is stopped and the effects wear off very quickly. You’ll be able to drive yourself home after your appointment.

Nitrous oxide is appropriate for people with mild levels of dental anxiety. For those with moderate to severe anxiety, oral sedation is the answer.

Conscious Oral Sedation

How would you like to feel completely relaxed and unconcerned during your visit? With oral sedation, you’ll still be awake during your procedure but you won’t be bothered by what’s going on.

You’ll need to arrive at our office an hour before your appointment. Our staff will administer the sedative – a pill or capsule that you swallow – and it will take time for you to feel the effects.

Once the medication has taken effect, your procedure can begin.

Oral sedation is very effective for people with moderate to severe dental anxiety. However, you will definitely need someone to drive to your appointment and home afterward. The effects of oral sedation linger after your appointment is done.

Your Comfort and Safety are Our Top Priorities

If you’ve never had nitrous oxide or oral sedation, you might have concerns about safety. Our team of highly trained dental health care professionals will monitor you closely for the entire length of your visit. Both of our dental sedation options are completely safe to use under our supervision.

Let’s Get Going

We do everything we can to ensure that all of our patients are entirely comfortable and relaxed before and during their appointments. If you have concerns, feel free to call our Royal Oak, MI office at (248) 721-4502. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and to address any concerns you may have. Or you can use the online contact form to leave us a message. One of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our concern for your well being doesn’t end when your appointment is over. We routinely follow up with our patients to see how they’re doing and to address any concerns.

Don’t let dental anxiety keep you from getting the professional dental care you need. Trust Duffield Dentistry to change your opinion of how relaxed and comfortable a dental appointment can be. Call us today at (248) 721-4502 to schedule an appointment.

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