Do Root Canals Really Hurt?

So do root canals really hurt? Due to advanced technology and techniques, the procedure has become much more comfortable in recent years.Going to the dentist can be hard enough for most people but when they find out they need a root canal, the fear often becomes heightened. Years ago, root canals got the reputation of being a very painful procedure that no one wanted to go through. So the question is, do root canals really hurt?

Root Canals Then vs. Now

Endodontists perform procedures to repair the inside of teeth like a root canal. Over the years, the techniques of root canals have come a long way, making the process much less painful.

Past: When first looking into root canals, the technology and techniques were not as advanced to help dentists through the root canal process. Not much was done to help patients cope with pain during and after the procedure. This is how root canals earned their bad reputation.

Now:  With new technology to aid them, endodontists now take a more advanced approach to root canals. Advanced x-ray technology helps to give a better look at what the endodontist is actually working on, while anesthetics remove pain to give patients a comfortable, stress-free visit.

Find Relief From Pain With Root Canals

“Do root canals really hurt?” is not the only question that should be on your mind. You must remember the benefits you receive from root canals. When the pulp or “root” of your tooth gets infected or inflamed, it can cause many issues. Pain when chewing, extreme sensitivity to hot and cold food or drinks and toothaches are just a few of the signs you may need a root canal. Root canals save your tooth from getting infected and and put an end to your pain.

Root Canals at Duffield Dentistry

Duffield Dentistry removes the fear and anxiety when you find yourself asking questions like, “Do root canals really hurt?” Royal Oak dentist, Dr. Larry Duffield,  provides expert services to ensure every patient is comfortable. Everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile! Call Duffield Dentistry today at (877) 630-7410 to schedule your appointment.

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