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Crooked, crowded teeth and gaps in your smile aren’t problems you have to settle for just because you’ve long since graduated from high school.

Yet, that’s what so many adults convince themselves of simply because they’re unaware of how far orthodontic treatments have come in recent years.

At Duffield Dentistry, we offer an alternative to traditional metal braces, one that’s faster, less obvious, and just as effective!

Invisalign uses a series of clear trays that you change out throughout the course of treatment, that ends with the beautifully straight smile you’ve always wanted!

Today, we’re taking a look at what makes this an ideal option for adults with crooked teeth and other cosmetic issues with their smile.

An Invisalign Q & A

Before you schedule a consultation with Dr. Duffield, we thought we’d cover a few of the most commonly asked questions from our patients about Invisalign.

Even though everyone’s needs, goals, and concerns are different, we can give you a better picture of this innovative therapy and how you might fit it into your life.

Q: Will It Make You Look Like A Teenager?

A: Not At All!

At Duffield Dentistry, we understand what it’s like for an adult who has longed for straight teeth.

You’ve waited a long time, perhaps for the opportunity to afford orthodontic treatment on your own.

But at this point in your life, you don’t want to have to make all these sacrifices to your lifestyle and appearance that metal braces would require.

That’s what makes Invisalign perfect for you! Rather than looking immature, given that standard braces are typically worn during the teen years, your aligners are clear, making them barely visible to others!

Q: Is It Uncomfortable?

A: No!

No orthodontic treatment is completely painless. But the pressure you feel in the days after your braces are tightened each month is much more intense than the gentler pressure of your new aligner every few weeks.

There’s also the issue of sharp edges that poke the inside of your mouth, adding to your discomfort with regular braces.

Our aligners are smooth plastic, so you won’t have sores in your mouth all during the course of your treatment.

Q: Will It Impede Oral Hygiene Or Diet?

A: Not At All!

Adults have unique responsibilities that make standard braces a less than ideal option. Not only would you likely be the only one among your peers and colleagues to be wearing them, but they can create an unnecessary burden on your professional and personal life.

Rather than endure a business lunch or a romantic dinner worrying about getting food stuck in your brackets and wires, you can take your aligners out during meals, as well as during times when you need to brush and floss your teeth.

This makes Invisalign a great option if you’re not interested in compromising your lifestyle, diet, or daily oral hygiene routine.

Q: Does It Work?

A: Absolutely!

We wouldn’t rely on Invisalign if it didn’t give patients the results they were looking for, so the answer here is absolutely!

Dr. Duffield has years of experience administering this orthodontic treatment and can vouch for its effectiveness.

Since you’re in control of this removable option, it’s up to you to follow the instructions for wear. If you want it to work for you, it will!

Q: Is It Right For Me?

A: Find Out By Calling Us Today!

This may have been the first question you had about Invisalign.

But the reason we saved it for last is because we can only answer it during a consultation in our Royal Oak, MI dental office.

Dr. Duffield will sit down with you to talk about our clear aligner therapy in more detail. He’ll help you decide if this is the route you should go to get the smile you want.

If Invisalign is right for you, Dr. Duffield will begin the customization process, starting with your dental impression.

All the aligners are crafted at the beginning so you can switch them out through the course of treatment, all the while watching your teeth shift further and further into the perfect position!

In a year or less, you’ll have beautiful, straight teeth and the confidence to smile brightly for the rest of your life!

Call Duffield Dentistry today at (248) 721-4502 or fill out our online form for a consultation in Royal Oak, MI!

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