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While the rest of the world seems to welcome the dawn of a new season, you would rather crawl in a hole and hide. Why? Because at the start of summer, you await an appointment for your six month dental checkup. And in your opinion, no amount of summer fun can ease the anxiety you feel.

Even though it’s just a dental cleaning and exam, it’s still enough to send a chill of fear down your spine. The dentist’s office is a cold, uninviting place equipped with noisy torture devices and the smell of sanitizer. It brings back all the painful memories of negative dental experiences from your past.

You might feel alone in your dental anxiety, but you’re not. Millions of Americans have the same fear, and today’s blog is about how it can actually become a big problem. Here are two very important reasons why dental anxiety can be a problem if you’re not able to overcome it.


If you have such an intense fear of going to the dentist that you avoid scheduling routine cleanings and exams, you’re putting your oral and overall health at risk. You probably try to rationalize it by telling yourself if you’re not in pain, there’s no reason to go.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, one of the biggest threats to your health is gum disease, and it’s an infection that, in its early stages, may be nearly impossible for you to detect if you don’t know what to look for. Often, the symptoms, if you have any at all, aren’t painful or very noticeable to the untrained eye. So you could have gum disease for years without knowing it.

You might tell yourself that you keep your teeth pretty well-maintained with daily brushing and flossing. While that’s great, it’s just not enough on its own to protect you from oral infection. It takes a trained dental professional who has the experience, skills, and tools needed to properly diagnose and treat gum disease. The plaque and tartar buildup that can cause infection love to hide out in the small, hard to reach places in your mouth and under your gumline that are simply too difficult for you to clean adequately without professional equipment.

That’s why even though you may not be in any kind of pain or see any ominous signs of gum disease, it’s incredibly important to see your dentist regularly. But when you have dental anxiety, that’s a lot easier said than done. So it makes sense that the fear that keeps you from the dentist is the same fear that could eventually lead to serious health problems that will require a dentist whether you like it or not.

Another way it can threaten your health is that it keeps you from seeking treatment for any decayed, damaged, cracked, or even missing teeth. Restorative dentistry is important, not only in helping you maintain an attractive smile, but also a healthy one. Avoiding treatment for damaged or lost teeth can make you more vulnerable to health problems such as infection and even deterioration of the jawbone.

The best thing to do is stay on top of your oral health by scheduling a checkup with us at Duffield Dentistry so we can catch things early before they become bigger problems.


Along with the health risks that can result from dental anxiety, it can also threaten your confidence and self-esteem. It may sound a little far-fetched, but if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, dental anxiety will keep you trapped socially, professionally, and personally because you’re too afraid to do anything about it.

Flaws and imperfections in your smile may cause you to hide your smile and laughter, and it’s incredibly hard to get out there and enjoy life when you don’t feel good about the way you look. At Duffield Dentistry, you have so many options in cosmetic dentistry that are faster and easier than you may realize! Dental anxiety will keep you from taking advantage of the opportunities to have the beautiful, attractive smile you deserve.


Don’t let fear keep you from the healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted! Schedule a visit at Duffield Dentistry and talk to our warm, caring team about your concerns. Ask about our options in sedation dentistry that can help ease your mind and make you feel more comfortable during treatment. We’re here to help you!

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