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Your Mouth Is Trying to Tell You Something

It is important to stay on top of your oral health. Little issues become big problems when people drag their feet getting to the dentist. This affects not only what needs to be done to fix the problem, but also how much that problem is going to cost. Catching issues early is always cheaper than fixing them later.

Dr. Duffield can help you keep your mouth healthy and pain-free. Regular exams and cleanings will alert you to any issues that may be developing, but Duffield Dentistry can also help relieve any pain you are experiencing now.

Common Causes Of Dental Pain

There are many reasons you may be feeling pain in your mouth. It is important to see us to find out what the issue is and get it fixed quickly.

Sensitive Teeth – The pain you are feeling may simply be that you have sensitive teeth. This is a condition in which the enamel on your teeth is not shielding the nerves adequately from severe changes in food or liquid temperature. Gum disease can also be to blame for sensitive teeth as it can expose more of the root to the foods you eat. Dr. Duffield will figure out what is causing your sensitive teeth and provide solutions that will remedy your condition.

Cavity/Tooth Decay – If you have developed cavities, they will require treatment to relieve the pain. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Duffield to find out if this is your problem and how we can fix it with fillings, crowns, or other restorations.

Loose Filling – A loose filling will cause you pain. Dr. Duffield can remove the loose filling and replace it with a new, tooth-colored filling.

Cracked Tooth – A cracked tooth is a serious issue. Teeth are relatively tough structures that require a certain amount of force to be damaged. If you have a cracked tooth, chances are you are in a lot of pain. Get in to see Dr. Duffield as soon as you can to get this taken care of. Your options may include:

  • Tooth Bonding – The severity of the crack will determine whether Dr. Duffield is able to bond your tooth. He will insert a tooth-colored composite resin to fill the crack and keep your tooth safe from further damage.
  • Crown – A more severely damaged tooth may require a dental crown. Dr. Duffield will place a tooth-shaped cap over your cracked tooth and secure it in place. This way, it will not shift while you are eating or speaking. The crown will look and feel just like your original tooth.
  • Dental Implant – In some instances, Dr. Duffield may need to remove the damaged tooth. A dental implant is an ideal replacement, as it will provide the same look and feel as the original tooth. Dr. Duffield will discuss this option with you if your case warrants this level of treatment.

Duffield Dentistry understands how inconvenient any type of oral pain can be. To get relief, call Dr. Lawrence Duffield at 248-721-4502 to schedule an appointment today. You can also use our online contact form to leave a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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