Get Back To Eating What You Love With Restorative Dentistry

Michigan is a state for food lovers, especially those lucky enough to live close to Detroit. But if you’re unable to eat due to damaged or missing teeth, watching a friend munch on a Coney dog can be discouraging. Duffield Dentistry has two qualified Royal Oak, MI dentists, Dr. Duffield and Dr. Grewal, who have the restorative dentistry experience necessary to get you back to enjoying your favorite foods again. Call us at (248) 721-4502.

Learn How Our Treatments Can Help Your Smile And Your Appetite

Dr. Duffield and Dr. Grewal offer treatments that can alleviate a variety of dental problems. Whatever is limiting your ability to chew, we’ve got a solution!

  • Beat tooth decay with our composite fillings or root canals. We’ll remove the bacteria that’s causing you pain, then use a tooth-colored resin or crown to seal off your tooth.
  • Enjoy eating naturally with dental implants. These titanium root replacements support dental crowns, bridges, and dentures and allow you to chew your favorite foods again!
  • End the pain and discomfort of broken teeth with dental crowns, which will guard against future damage and protect the sensitive nerves inside your tooth.
  • Eat more than just soft foods with the help of dentures. This option will completely remake your smile, and with our expertise, they’ll look just like your natural teeth.

Find Relief For All Your Dental Pain

What if your difficulty isn’t related to damaged or missing teeth? Duffield Dentistry offers solutions to TMJ pain, which can interfere with your ability to chew comfortably. A TMJ disorder is an issue that develops in the joint between your jawbone and your skull. This includes the muscles in this area as well.

We also provide nonsurgical gum disease treatment. By removing dangerous bacteria that has worked its way into your gums, we can alleviate the pain of gum and bone erosion. Gum disease can even cause an abscessed tooth!

Get out of pain by getting into the dentist’s chair! Duffield Dentistry will have you enjoying double-baked rye bread, Coney dogs, and more in no time. Call us today at (248) 721-4502.

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