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Can’t Comfortably Chew Your Food?

Human beings are built in a rather precise way. Our bodies are amazing machines. We heal on our own in most cases. Our skin renews itself. Every part of our body has a certain way it is supposed to perform. The way we chew it is no different.

Pain is our body’s way of telling us that something is not quite right, that a process is a little out of sync. We ignore much of the pain that we feel because our bodies are so good at fixing themselves. Some pain, however, should not be ignored.

When you are having difficulty chewing, especially if pain is involved in the process, you need to see Dr. Duffield. Issues that make it hard to chew food are often very serious and require professional treatment.

Jaw Pain Means Something’s Wrong

Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) – TMD refers to the issues that can develop in the joint between your jawbone and your skull. This includes the muscles in this area as well. Problems with the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) can cause pain and discomfort while chewing.

TMD does get confused with basic tooth pain caused by tooth decay or gum disease. To properly identify the issue, schedule a time to meet with our office. We will determine what the source of your pain is and work up a treatment plan to help you.

Abscessed tooth – An abscess is an infection around your tooth. Abscesses are caused by tooth decay, cavities, or damage to the tooth. Gum disease can cause an abscess, too. This is a serious condition that must be addressed. If it’s not taken care of, you could lose your tooth or develop an even more serious infection.

Dr. Duffield will be able to identify whether your pain is from an abscess. Once it is diagnosed, he will lay out a treatment plan to take care of it. There are several options for treating an abscess, ranging from antibiotics and root canals to removing the tooth from the infected area.

Missing teeth – One of the most common reasons for discomfort while chewing is missing teeth. Your mouth is set up the way it is for a reason. Missing a tooth causes issues with how you chew and what teeth you use to chew your food. Dental implants from Dr. Duffield can permanently solve your chewing issues.

These are just some of the reasons you may be having problems chewing. There are many other issues that Dr. Duffield will be able to identify. The best thing to do to avoid this situation is to schedule regular dental exams and cleanings at our office. This will ensure that you are staying on top of any potential issue.

Dr. Duffield is eager to help you manage any issue you may have with chewing. Give our Royal Oak, MI office a call at 248-721-4502 to schedule your checkup today. You can also leave us a message using our online form.


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