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Let Us Help You Find Your Smile

Some people have perfect smiles. They were blessed with great genetics and learned how to keep their teeth looking wonderful. They have never had an accident, don’t need to drink coffee to wake up, and otherwise lived a charming life.


Most people, however, have had an accident or two. They drink coffee or tea to get a boost in the mornings, and their genetics blessed them with good but not perfect teeth.

There are also people who really need a lot of help with their smile. Maybe you have some teeth that are crooked or missing. You may have soft enamel that allows your teeth to stain easily. Whatever it may be, there is a way to get the smile you want.

How Duffield Dentistry Can Help

Duffield Dentistry is dedicated to helping people who didn’t roll out of bed with a perfect smile. This means we are here for just about everyone. Whether you need a whitening treatment, a whole new set of teeth, or just want to keep your smile as healthy as you can, Duffield Dentistry is here to help you.

Dental implants – If you need to replace at least one tooth that you lost or one that needs to be removed, this is an option that will allow you to have a replacement that looks, feels, and acts like the real thing.

Dental exams and cleanings – Regular exams and cleanings are vital to getting and keeping the smile you want. Maintaining your smile is half the battle.

Short-term orthodontics – Having your smile affected by the sight of metal braces is not something that many adults want to deal with. With this in mind, Duffield Dentistry offers Invisalign, a short-term orthodontic option for people who want to fix their teeth without the burden of braces.

There are many other ways that Duffield Dentistry is able to help you find a smile you can be proud of. Teeth whitening, nutritional counseling, and full-mouth reconstruction are all options available to you as a patient of Duffield Dentistry. We feel that no one should have to live with a smile they are not confident in.

What’s Next?

Give Dr. Lawrence Duffield a call to schedule a consultation today. You can call our Royal Oak, MI office at 248-721-4502, or you can message us using our online form. We can’t wait to help you start your journey toward a new smile.


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