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Why Root Canals Aren’t Scary Anymore

  • August 28, 2015

When many people hear the words “root canal” they immediately think “pain.” Going to the dentist can be frightening enough for some people, but adding the idea of root canals to the scenario can make it an even scarier ordeal. Although root canals have had a reputation for being painful, that may no longer be the case thanks to the technological improvements in the procedure over the last few years.

It’s All in the Mind, Not the MouthThe Importance of Dental X-Rays

Letting the fear get to you and putting off a root canal when it’s needed will cause you more pain than comfort in the long run. The reason you may need a root canal stems from the root of your tooth being inflamed. If not treated quickly, the area can become infected and cause major damage. When your dentist or endodontist performs the root canal procedure, the inflamed nerve is removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed for further protection from bacteria. While this may not sound comfortable now, let us tell you how far the procedure has come!

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A Brief History About Root Canals

If you’ve never had a root canal, you probably don’t know what it feels like and immediately assume the worst from the infamous procedure – and you’re partly right to be concerned. Pain is the common association with the procedure because of how it was performed before modern technology was invented:

1700s: Root canals are performed by searing the tooth with a hot iron and covering it in foil

1900s: X-rays and local anesthesia are developed, making the procedure safer, more accurate and more comfortable

1990s: The use of microscopes and more advanced radiology allowed dentists and endodontists to perform root canals with more precision

This technology continues to advance over the years, making root canals more effective and comfortable for patients with each small development.

Modern Technology Makes Root Canals a Breeze

The techniques of performing a root canal have come a long way over the years. Before these advancements, there wasn’t much anyone could do to make the experience any easier or painless for patients. Now, with the following advancements in technology, endodontists have a new, less painful approach to root canals:

  • X-ray technology to see what the naked eye cannot
  • Anesthetics to make patients more comfortable during the procedure
  • Dental instruments to make root canals a less invasive procedure

With the new advances in the root canal procedure, the feelings associated with it are often described as no more painful than receiving a simple filling.

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Root Canals By Dr. DuffieldDental Implant Surgeon

If you fear the pain of a root canal, Dr. Duffield can make you feel at ease with a painless procedure. With the new root canal technological advances, there’s no reason you can’t have a beautiful, healthy smile without having to experience any pain! Contact Duffield Dentistry today at 877-630-7410 to make your next appointment.


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