Don’t Believe These Root Canal Myths

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Do you have a toothache? Do you want to save the tooth? Then call us today at (248) 721-4502. A root canal can relieve the pain and keep that tooth alive.

How Can A Tooth Get Infected?

Your mouth is home to harmful bacteria. Most of the time, that’s fine. They don’t bother you. When they grow out of control, they can cause cavities and gum disease.

But they can also get inside your teeth. This usually happens when a tooth is cracked or has a deep cavity. Once inside, the bacteria infect your dental pulp and begin spreading. This is painful, which is why a toothache is a common sign that you need a root canal.

If you have a toothache for any reason, you need to call us today at (248) 721-4502. Our dentists have the training and experience necessary to remove infections and save teeth with root canal procedures.

How Duffield Dentistry Can Save Your Tooth

In a root canal, our dentists take digital X-rays to locate the infection. Then a small opening is made in your enamel. Using specialized tools and advanced training, Dr. Duffield or Dr. G will carefully remove the infection. Then your tooth is sealed up.

This actually saves your tooth. Without a root canal procedure, that tooth will continue to hurt until it finally dies in your mouth. That’s why this is a restorative dentistry treatment. It restores your tooth back to its healthy state.

Setting The Root Canal Record Straight

Unfortunately, there are many myths surrounding root canals. Let’s set the record straight.

Truth: Root canals are not any more painful than getting a filling.

One of the biggest myth in Michigan is that root canals are painful. That may have been true many years ago when pain management wasn’t very advanced. But that is not the truth anymore. Getting a root canal is no more painful than getting a dental filling. With local anesthetic, many patients feel nothing.

That’s why you should call us at (248) 721-4502 to schedule a root canal procedure. Our dentists are highly trained to know how to help you feel little to no discomfort. Plus, the root canal will save your tooth. In fact, the painful option is to keep living with that toothache.

Truth: Saving your natural teeth is usually the best option.

Since one of your teeth is infected, some people think it cannot be saved. This myth says extracting the tooth is better. Really? If our highly trained dentists can remove the infection, then why not keep your natural tooth?

Our dentists will only offer the dental treatments you need. An infected tooth does not normally need to be removed. Instead, it needs a root canal. By calling us today, you can get that much closer to saving your natural tooth.

Truth: The tooth getting the root canal will still be strong.

In order to get rid of the infection in your dental pulp, our dentists will have to make a small opening in your tooth. One old myth says that this weakens your tooth. That’s simply untrue.

First, our dentists know how to use gutta-percha (an inert, rubber-like material) to fill in any dental pulp they remove. Second, you’ll get a dental crown placed over the tooth when the root canal is complete. This actually makes your tooth stronger as well as healthier. That’s why you need to call today to schedule your root canal. Your tooth will only become pain-free and strong if you call.

Truth: Taking out the infection is how you stay healthy.

Back in the 1920s, one dentist authored a study saying root canals were dangerous. He claimed removing the infection somehow spread it throughout your body, causing arthritis and worse. Today, dentists know better. A root canal makes you more healthy by removing the bacterial infection in your tooth.

By calling our Royal Oak, MI dental office, you can schedule an appointment to remove infections with root canals. Dr. Duffield is a mentor at the world-renowned Kois Center. That’s because he has continuously trained in dentistry over the years. Your root canal will be safe and help you stay healthy.

Root canals are not usually painful. They are not dangerous. And they do not cause health problems. Instead, they are no more painful than getting a dental filling. They are safe. And they protect your health. That’s why you should call us today at (248) 721-4502 to schedule an appointment for a root canal procedure. Thanks to our dentists’ advanced training and expertise, it can literally save your teeth.

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